Instrumental metal: His Majesty by Bulavira (2021)

andriy vasylenko band instrumental metal


His Majesty was originally released in 2016, and you may have heard bits of it in Andriy’s videos and podcasts. But then it was in drop D tuning and had vocals. Now we remake it for E standard (’cause it rules) and dropped the singing (’cause it sucks). One guitar in the left, one in the right, and bass fills the middle. No gimmicks, no bs, with some rouhgness – just as if we played it live.

Listen to His Majesty on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube. Bonuses (such as riff tapes and demoes) are available on Bandcamp. Follow Bulavira on Instagram and Youtube. New songs are in progress, so stay updated! \m/

Download His Majesty tabs here (zip-archive)