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Bude Groza (2024)

Bude Groza

(links to streaming and tabs are at the very bottom of the page, but we’d really appreciate if you read a few words about the song too)

Meet our first track featuring vocals. This is not the first time Andriy sang, but it is so for the Bulavira name. Even though the band was conceived as an instrumental one, one of the reasons for that was not having to f*ck with singing and all the shortcomings that come with it. But this time that needed to be done. The instrumental version is also available down the page.

The origins of ‘Bude Groza’ (‘A Storm’s Coming’ from Ukrainian) take us to the year 2014 and the movie ‘Povodyr’ (‘The Guide’) – a story about the mass killing of kobzars (Ukrainian blind wandering bards) by the soviets in the 1930s. The movie made such a deep impression on Andriy that it had inspired him to write a song.

For various reasons, the song would have to wait for almost a decade to be recorded. And in the time of existential threat to him and his Motherland (once again, by moscow maniacs – some things change names, but the essence remains), this piece should add to the collective body of Ukrainian music that will stay even if the state falls.

Listen to Bude Groza (Буде гроза) on all streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music included, music video is live on Youtube. Bonuses (demos) are available on BandCamp. Download tabs here.

Cover art by Kate Stet.

P.S. By the way, can you count all key changes in the song? 🙂