Acoustic Metal: Fun Time Killing by Bulavira (2022)

creepy girl graffiti ukraine kyiv


Meet Fun Time Killing – Bulavira’s third single and an attempt to do ACOUSTIC METAL. It has a Spanish guitar instead of distorted guitars, and clock ticking does the drum job.

The track captures the vibe of the time and conditions it was created in. Andriy Vasylenko’s family had to flee Kyiv shelled by russians, leaving almost all their possessions behind, including musical instruments. Then he purchased a cheap classical guitar to continue doing music during the wartime. That’s how the acoustic metal challenge originated. The making-off is coming on our Youtube channel, sub and stay updated.

Jam to Fun Time Killing on all streaming services, Spotify and Apple Music included, music video is live on Youtube. Bonuses (demos) are available on BandCamp. Download tabs here.

Glory to the Ukrainian?? heroes who fight ruSSian murderers and rapers!